An Ode to Raspberry Chocolate Jam

Recently, I gave a small jar of jam to a wonderful woman named Tasha who works with me. I left it for her on the desk wrapped in a piece of paper.  The day she got it, I received this poem on my FB Page:

Jam goddess, Jam goddess you are so nice

And simply saying “thank you” would not suffice.

Imagine if you will my utter delight,

To find on my evening shift, some jam in my sight!

Unwrapping the paper, I squealed with glee

“Irene made raspberry chocolate jam just for me!”

Looking to my left after scrambling for a spoon,

I saw a hungry psych resident contemplating its theft!

Another spoon was found and we each gave it a try,

And after we had a taste, we both let out a happy satisfied sigh.


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