Jam Goddess Update

Recently, I had a “come to Jesus” moment. I started to lose energy for the business, something I love. I decided that I needed to get back to making new products because I love experimenting with recipes and seeing what tastes good. So, what this meant, I was no longer going to make a few things that people appear to have lost interest in. It happens. Also, I needed to make room on my table which is pretty much crowded full already. 

I am always open to doing custom orders and plans to keep a small supply of some of those jams in the Jam Garage.  But will not be bringing them to market after market.  But they will be listed on her website.  For instance, I have Bubblegum Jelly because it has a small following but not enough to bring to market.

Some of the jams that will be disappearing from the table are Balsamic Strawberry, Quince, Mint Jalapeno Jelly, and Jalapeno Jelly.
Also, when the chutneys run out, we will seriously evaluation just how
much or little we will make in a year.   The Wine Jellies will also require some evaluation.  The Jury is still out.

 Some of the new products making their debut recently were Guinness Jelly, Ghost Pepper Jelly, Cumberland Jelly, St. John’s Relish, and Zucchini Relish.  Tasters for the new products will be available at the Christmas Markets.

 Jam Goddess is much happier making jam now that she is scouring her plethora of cookbooks for jam ideas.  And that, she hopes, translates into the jam.   And she promises to stop posting in the third person.  

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