New Jam Goddess Website

New Jam Goddess Website

Jam Goddess has had a website for about 10 years but it was mainly for information purposes of what was in stock, where customers could find it, and contact information.  

As with so many things, the Pandemic changed the way we do business.  More and more, people were contacting us directly to purchase jams.  And some of those people live outside Calgary.   Up until now, the only way to find Jam Goddess was to go to the Millarville summer market, or one of several Christmas markets we attend.  This model was not good for our customers when some of the markets couldn’t open in 2020.  Also, only selling at markets meant there was no place to come and buy jam between Dec 1 and the middle of June the following year.  

Having a brick-and-mortar store is not an option we want to pursue at present.  So we thought the best way to reach people interested in Jam Goddess deliciousness was to update the website.  Also, the Jam Goddess herself (ok me), is interested in developing the educational side of jam making and hopes to develop useful teaching material for readers.  

So come and join us on this trip we are going to take.  We are developing the website so that it is a place where you will be introduced to the various products we make, and to learn something about making jam should you decide to try it yourself.  Or just learn some stuff about various berries and fruits you may not have known. 

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