Summer Love

Summer Love

There are few things as sweet as summer love.  Something about the heat and the languor and the general feelings of wellbeing.   It could be the sense of freedom from wearing light clothing, the fetching sight of women in summer dresses, men in shorts.  It can be fleeting – no plans, no commitment, no sense of a future beyond Labour Day.   

These are the waning days of summer.  We accept that   it’s almost over and yet, want to cling to it a bit longer.    The farmer’s markets are full of newly harvested fruit and vegetables – more than one can possibly eat.  Many people find ways to preserve their favourite things so they can be enjoyed throughout the winter and spring.  For me, peaches are one of those fruits that symbolize summer.   While there is nothing like a juicy warm peach, straight from the tree, canned peaches are a favourite way I preserve them to enjoy in the winter. 

And now, Summer Love jam – another way Calgary based Jam Goddess is allowing you to enjoy the bounty of summer all year round.  I have paired the peaches with raspberry.  This jam has a lightness to it – a feeling of summer love, beaches, and sand between your toes.  It is delicious with bread and cheese, but can be stirred into a tall flute of prosecco for a light summer cocktail.   

So this year, in February, when It’s just snowed, have some Summer Love jam on toast and think back fondly on your Summer Loves.   

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