Supporting Local Farms & Businesses

Supporting Local Farms & Businesses

At Calgary based Jam Goddess, we work locally as much as we can.  We buy berries from Pearson’s Berry Farm near Red Deer. 

We buy Haskap berries from Blue Vista Farms in Picture Butte, Alberta. Sour cherries come from a woman in Dunbar who picks them for us from her three trees.  Crabapples are picked at several locations around the city.  And rhubarb comes from my cousin’s patch of 100 plants (yes, 100!!) in Bentley, Alberta. 

We also work closely with a Calgary company Crafty Cocktails a local company that creates a different cocktail each month, and through subscription, sends it right to the customer’s home.  

We are lucky enough that Crafty Cocktails reached out to us and have asked us to create some specially flavoured jams to include in their cocktails.  Some of these include Jam Goddess Seville Orange Marmalade, Blueberry Lime Jam, and lately, a Sour Lemon Marmalade that is so good we are going to offer it through Jam Goddess as well.  We can also thank Crafty Cocktails for sparking our creativity in getting us to created a Lemon Curd that can be jarred.  This has become a very good seller for us and we would never have considered it were it not for them.  The relationship has benefitted both companies and there is also the fact that it is fun, fun, fun to create and taste and tinker. 

In the past we have worked with a company that creates Charcuterie boards, supplying jams in 45 ml jars to include with the platters.   As well, have created a cranberry apple jelly to put into Berliners (German for jelly donut) for a local Calgary bakery Kruse’s . This was personal for me as donuts are my nemesis and despite my love/hate relationship with them, I wanted something that would be delicious and honour the baker’.

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