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Goldenberry Jam

Goldenberry Jam

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These berries are often called gooseberries or ground cherries.  The scientific name is Physalis peruviana and they are native to South AmericaThey belong to the nightshade family and are closely related to tomatilloes.  Goldenberries have a lot of different names as they grow wild or are cultivated across the world in temperate and tropical regions. 

In Canada, you often get one on your plate as a garnish.  The berry is about the size of a big marble, and is golden with a husk.  The jam is sweet and beautifully golden and laced with tiny seeds.  It tastes like a jam would apart from a slight savoury note that finishes it. 


Ingredients:  Goldenberry, sugar, lemon juice, pectin

250 ml 

Shelf stable. Refrigerate after opening.

Eat within 6 months of opening for best experience.

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